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Tools for Visionary Leadership, Strengthening Clergy Culture, and Strategic Planning


Clergy Culture built on Happiness, Confidence, and Fraternal Unity

Curia & Diocesan Teams

Optimizing Culture and Leadership Effectiveness for Curia, Schools, & Apostolates

Take the Journey to Excellence

The Spitzer Center’s core program, Journey to Excellence, provides a roadmap for visionary Catholic leaders and staff to build better habits for more dynamic and effective cultures of evangelization.

From regular seminars to create fraternity, a thorough culture inventory, and ongoing training and support, we apply timeless truths in innovative ways.

Journey to Excellence: PHASE 1

The Four Levels of Happiness®️ 

The foundation of the Spitzer Center for Visionary Leadership is a curriculum built upon Fr. Spitzer’s Four Levels of Happiness.

Happiness is the one thing we desire in and for itself.”  -Aristotle

Journey to Excellence: PHASE 2

Culture Assessment

In order to achieve greater happiness, harmony, and achievement in fulfilling the mission of your organization, the Spitzer Center offers some short surveys that will help you measure your ideal, along with your current styles of working together.

Journey to Excellence: PHASE 3

Planning & Execution

Using the Culture Assessment, the Spitzer Center assists organizations and leaders in developing plans to reach their goals.

With regular touchpoints to discuss and evaluate progress, we walk with you on that journey.

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About the Spitzer Center

The Spitzer Center for Visionary Leadership empowers thousands of Catholic individuals, dioceses and organizations to optimize the quality and delivery of their pastoral and spiritual services, and to strengthen morale and team behaviors within the organization.

We are founded on the inspiration and guidance of Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D, a theologian, philosopher, author, speaker, and former president of Gonzaga University for 11 years.

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