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Even with great missions many Catholic organizations have cultures that get in the way of achieving their noble goals. The Spitzer Center helps create a roadmap for Catholic leaders and staff to build better habits for more dynamic and effective cultures of evangelization. We call this roadmap the Journey to Excellence, and it begins with happiness.

The desire for happiness is the root and driver of all human behavior, the ultimate fulfillment of all desires, the only goal that people pursue for its own sake. It is also the fundamental catalyst that builds morale, example, and production. Happiness and evangelization are intimately linked, since the purpose of evangelization is to bring all people closer to the ultimate good. The Four Levels of Happiness reveals the menu for all of our choices in life.

The simplicity of the Four Levels model and its language is enlightening. The concept is also profound. It reveals insights and connections to a host of related longings – freedom, love, unity, virtues, purpose, and fulfillment. You and your staff, will begin to really look at happiness in a refreshing new light. It’s the philosophy of happiness that has existed for 1000s of years.

Next along this Journey to Excellence, we increase confidence in our “Confidence and Providence” workshop. This equips participants to more effectively mobilize their talents and opportunities for God’s service. Utilizing well researched from cognitive psychology combined with insights and examples from our Catholic tradition, Fr. Spitzer outlines how we can grow in self confidence, confidence in God and confidence in the future. The course offers insights and practical techniques to overcome comfort zones, limiting beliefs, and blind spots which stifle our zeal, expectations and behaviors. He teaches methods of prayer and affirmation which, over time, can expand our vision and accomplishments.

Our third, and final for many engagements, stop on new teaching is the “Journey to Ultimate Happiness” designed to help participants deepen their relationship with God. Topics include: Spontaneous Prayer, Beatitudes, Partnership with the Holy Spirit, Contemplation, and the Eucharist. Much of the basis for this, Fr. Robert Spitzer has since written about in his book: “Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life.”

Additionally, chanceries benefit from diagnostic assessments designed to measure and then guide chanceries in shaping good/healthy cultures and effective leadership. We then provide you with guidence and help in developing plans (for culture, strategy, and leadership) to move toward your ideal.

To date, the Spitzer Center programs have been enthusiastically received by thousands of individuals in scores of both faith-based and business organizations. The Center’s faith-based mission is to help church organizations optimize their culture, confidence, spirituality and faith for the new evangelization.



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