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At the Spitzer Center for Visionary Leadership, we conduct educational workshops, in-service days, and retreats for organization of all kinds, primarily chanceries, clergy, parishes, apostolates, as well as schools (seminaries included). In addition to education, important tangible and actionable benefits are gained as we evaluate the behaviors in your organization that shape good and healthy culture and leadership effectiveness, along with the behaviors that limit this. And in coordination with the earlier, we help you plan change and execute with a Culture Plan, Strategic Plan, and/or Leadership Plan to help you move toward your ideal, ultimate vision.

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The Spitzer Center education begins with The Four Levels of Happiness. See below and more on this page.

Happiness is the one thing that people can pursue for its own sake, which makes it easy to understand why people and organizations behave as they do. But while happiness can be sought at any level, until we ascend above the choosing the comparative Levels 1 and 2 as our main drivers, we greatly limit our access to pervasive, enduring and deep happiness.

Beyond the individual, the Four Levels model is also a practical tool for organizational growth. It shows leaders, and everyone within the organization, how to elevate the powerful drive for happiness and direct it to higher levels — to live a contributive life over a comparative one, to long-term gratification over the short-term (and subsequent need to continuously keep filling this bucket), and depth of joy that the surface can never reach.


As people’s purpose in life moves from Level 2 dominant to Level 3 dominant up the happiness pyramid, so does the culture of the around you. Until it becomes a habit, your default for living life, living a contributive, Level 3, life has to be chosen every single day. It’s impossible to make that choice consistently and effectively without Prudence, Courage, Fairness, and Self-Control. Our exploration of these four cardinal virtues equips participants to understand the nature of each virtue, how they fit together, and their impact on our life and work and ultimately, shapes a culture of trust at your work, church, and home.

Consistency Toward the Ideal

Often times in organizations, what the organizational cultural state might really be like is not understood. The Spitzer Center comes in to help understand your current condition and limitations. Through a powerful diagnostic survey the strengths and weaknesses of how people work and serve together are revealed. From there we design a program to help guide individuals and the organization to a culture of contribution that is more effective and enduring. The Spitzer Center helps you close the gap between the culture you would like as your ideal vision and the culture you may have now.

Read and hear more from Fr. Spitzer on the Four Levels of Happiness.


“The Four Levels of Happiness in the context of our spiritual lives is a perfect response to the call to the new evangelization. I am recommending it to other Catholics and leaders.”

Fr. Edward Estok, Pastor, St. Albert the Great



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