Happiness Level Three – Love of Others

The essence of Level Three Happiness is love.  Through love we direct our energies outward and focus on contributing to the welfare of others.  The focus of Level Two is ego-in – a natural inclination to focus in on ourselves and our own needs (not bad in itself).  Level Three is quite different.  It is ego-out – a deliberate choice to focus on the interests and happiness of others.  Remarkably, when we focus on promoting the happiness of others, our own happiness increases.

Above all, let your love for one another be constant, for love covers a multitude of sins.
– I Peter 4:8
PRAYER:  Father, help me this day to persevere in loving those with whom I live and work.  Renew my resolve and energy to love, that I might not grow weary in doing good.
APPLICATION:  Today I will direct my ego outward and be on the lookout for how I can increase the happiness of those around me.
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