Happiness Level One – Physical Pleasure

While Happiness Level One is good in itself, it can easily become an end in itself.  Because physical pleasure is close at hand and immediately gratifying, it grabs our attention and can quickly dominate us.  Our material desires tend to be disordered because of original sin.  And so Happiness Level One can easily become a source of unhappiness unless directed by the wisdom and grace of God.

Because of his bodily dimension… following the wound of sin, man experiences the rebellion of his body and the perverse inclinations of his heart; he must always keep careful watch over these lest he become enslaved to them and become a victim of a purely earthly vision of life.
– Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 128
PRAYER:  Heavenly Father, give me keen discernment and strength of will to guard against temptations of physical pleasures that would lead me away from you and true happiness.  Help me to enjoy your good gifts in freedom not in servitude.
APPLICATION:  Today I will be aware of the tugs of Level One and make sure I control them, and they don’t control me.
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