Happiness Level One Appeals to our Senses

Happiness Level One is the most basic source of happiness that comes from enjoying material things that appeal to our five senses.  It is a material and physically simulated happiness coming from the outside.  It is good in and of itself, as a means to higher happiness.

The beautiful form of material things attracts our eyes, so we are drawn to gold, silver, and the like.  We are powerfully influenced by the feel of things agreeable to the touch; and each of our other senses finds some quality that appeals to it individually in the variety of material objects.
– St. Augustine
PRAYER:  Lord, I thank you for the good things of the Earth and the material blessings which I enjoy.  May they be a constant reminder of your goodness and a cause for thanksgiving to you, the source of all that is good.
APPLICATION:  What are three material things for which I am grateful today?
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