Priest Assemblies Learn About the Four Levels of Happiness

Archbishop Wenski and Jim Berlucchi

In recent weeks more than 400 priests from three dioceses went through the Four Levels series at their respective clergy conferences.The priests of Winona (MN), Miami (FL), and Fargo (ND) enjoyed the presentations and found the insights helpful for both personal and priestly application.Here is a small sample of written comments:
  • I thought that the seminar was very good. It helped me to look at holinessfrom the perspective of happiness.
  • Very enjoyable, informative and refreshing. The sessions offered much for deeper reflection in prayer and everyday life. (The humor/laughter J much appreciated!)

    Winona Priest Assembly

  • This is exactly what I need at this moment. It reaffirms me in my ministry.
  • Insightful, spiritually wise and intelligent.
  • Priests facilitate everyone’s journey to Level 4 Happiness
  • Fostering self-understanding and mutual understanding is healthy, valuable, and holy
  • Think it is very good, realistic, easy to understand and I loved it especially for all biblical fundamentals
Bishop John Quinn of Winona, Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, and Bishop John Folda of Fargo extended the respective invitations.

Fargo Priest Assembly


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