Happiness, Suffering, Transcendence – Quartet

by Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ

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This quartet includes Fr. Spitzer’s popular new books:
1. Finding True Happiness
2. The Soul’s Upward Yearning
3. God So Loved The World
4. The Light Shines on in the Darkness

Reviewer’s Praise for this quartet of books

“Fr. Spitzer displays a broad range of arguments in favor of the reality and the compelling importance of the transcendent dimension of our existence on the basis of religious literature; our interior awareness of transcendent reality; the cosmic struggle between good and evil; metaphysics; our natural desire to experience perfect goodness, love and beauty; the evidence from near-death-experiences; and contemporary science, especially astrophysics.”

Cardinal Dolan

“An intellectual triumph. Those who think faith is a matter of emotion and self-delusion could not intelligently defend that position if they read this book with an open mind…magnificent.”

Dean Koontz
#1 NY Times Best Selling Author

“We have, with the publication of Fr. Robert Spitzer’s quartet of books on “Happiness, Suffering, and Transcendence”, a major event in Catholic intellectual history, indeed in the history of philosophy.”

James V. Schall, S.J.

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Finding True Happiness
God So Love the World
The Light Shines on in the Darkness
The Soul’s Upward Yearning
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