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Happiness Manifests Itself in Four Different Ways

Happiness manifests itself in four different ways. by Tim Ryan Spitzer Center Director of Client Services Based on Father Robert Spitzer's book, Finding True Happiness Step back for a moment and ask yourself, “What makes me happy?” You’ll probably respond to this in...

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Business Virtue Begets Leadership Charisma

Business Virtue Begets Leadership Charisma By Patti Maguire Armstrong Reprinted with Permission from Legatus Magazine, June 2018 Issue   GOLDEN RULE WINS Legatus founder Tom Monaghan has often expressed that it is ultimately The Golden Rule and his Catholic...

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Lets Shake On It

Hope in the Lord — ‘Let’s Shake On It!’ — The Priest Assembly’s quest for happiness By Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Archdiocese of Louisville Reprinted with Permission from "The Record", Archdiocese of Louisville Usually on reaching some agreement at the end of a...

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My habit of procrastination is really hurting my job performance. How can I break out of it?   By Jim Berlucchi.  Jim is the Executive Director of the Spitzer Center for Visionary Leadership Reprinted with permission of FAITH Magazine     Let me think...

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The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Adapted from Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life, By Fr. Robert Spitzer Our recent celebration of Pentecost reminds me of the essential role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Among the powerful blessings which the Holy Spirit imparts is peace. The Holy Spirit is the...

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